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You are here because your business is struggling but your branding is the problem. Get the strategies to unlock your purpose by defining your brand, discover your tribe and convert them into ambassadors (evangelists) and unify your brand across all channels with clear and consistent messaging.

“A brand is a promise made, a great brand is a promise kept.”

-Bea Perez

Hello! I’m Walter

Founder u0026amp; Creative Brand Strategist

I believe that God put me on Earth to do three things: create dope art, inspire people to be better and solve difficult problems, hence, Create, Inspire and Solve. I do all of that through strategy. Every morning that I wake up, I have a strong desire to help other creatives, entrepreneurs and business owners who may be struggling to take that next step in their business. Strategy is the roadmap between their next step and success and the success of their endeavors relies on their ability to connect to the right people and clearly communicate their message u0026amp; purpose to that audience. That is strategy, brand strategy.

“What if instead of trying to be amazing you just focused on being useful? What if you decided to inform, rather than promte?”

-Jay Baer

Let’s get to work

Many struggling businesses have great products and services but struggle to find and retain customers. Strategy solves that problem! I want to help you grow your business to your desired level.


My workshop is designed for you and/or your key players to help you unlock your purpose, discover your tribe and unify your brand across all channels.

6 Hours | $897


Don’t need a full scale rebrand? Consider an audit to highlight specific insights about the market, your company, your competitors and your customers that are needed to create and sustain differentiation.

2 Hours | $397


Not sure if we are the right fit for each other? Have a specific question about a particular difficulty you may be experiencing? Book a consultation with us to provide some clarity and insight on how to move forward and take the next step.

1 Hour | $127


Most businesses overpay for collateral (websites, apps, logos, stationaries, etc) because they are not sure how to use it if they really even need it. We recommend that you book our workshop first so that you can be provided with a full brief on what prioroties are necessary, whether that be a full identity or just website. Otherwise, we’re happy to meet your design needs, as well.

Design Packages Available

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Discover Your Voice And Reach Your Audience


You need to ensure that your customers can hear you loud and clear even in a congested market. Somebody else sells the same product you do. So what? They do not sell it quite like you and that is where we come in! In a world of burgers, we show your audience what makes you a Big Mac.