There are plenty of businesses that have great products and great services.  They even have great marketing, but they are struggling to find customers and makes sells.  It is because they have no strategy! Because branding is a hard concept to grasp for many, considering that it is not tangible, most businesses rely on marketing to promote their products and services.  However, doing so can be as effective as throwing darts in the dark.  The reason is because marketing is what you feel about yourself while branding is how your customer feels about you.

We have to discover how our customer truly feels about our products and services but we first have to find out who our customer is, where they are and what sales language do they speak.

My name is Walter Jennette.  I am a Brand Strategist and the Founder of Create, Inspire & Solve. My goal is to simply help you build a better brand and grow your business through strategy while helping you also create a community around the things you are most passionate about.