Entrepreneurship seems to be the new normal as many people seek to leave the traditional 9 to 5 and become their own boss. While this can be rewarding, it can also be a complete failure if not done correctly.

There are tons of videos, articles and opinions on exactly how you should start a business.  However, my approach is designed to help you start with an upward trajectory that is sustainable. Launching a successful business is only half of the battle. Maintaining that success over a prolonged period of time is what separates those who are entrepreneurs because of the trend from those whose purpose it is to help solve other people’s problems.


My name is Walter Jennette.  I am a Brand Strategist and the Founder of Create, Inspire & Solve. My goal is to simply help you build a better brand and grow your business through strategy while helping you also create a community around the things you are most passionate about.