We Build Successful Brands

Branding is not new, however, it is a buzzword that is now used almost too frequently, as many people do not fully understand what it actually is.  Branding is very hard to grasp because it is not tanglible.  The average consumer believes that branding is just a logo, and while a logo or mark is a huge component of a company’s brand, it is not entirely a brand by itself.

Our desire is to help Creatives, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners ,like yourself, understand that a clear understanding of branding is necessary for the successful launch and sustainability of their business.  We acccomplish this through strategy!  We encounter many people that have a vision for their business but they do not have a strategy.  If this is you, then we believe we can help you!

Lee Bolman

A Vision Without A Strategy Remains An Illusion

Brand Strategy

A Long-Term Plan For Success

Rome was not built in a day and successful brands are not built overnight. Our strategy focuses on long-term growth and sustainable success.


  • Target Audience
  • Client Experience + Customer Insight
  • Customer Personas
  • Story + Journey Map
  • Positioning
  • Relevance + Differentiation

Brand Identity

Communicate Who You Are

Our strategy helps you develop an unforgettable brand that helps you stand out so that your customer always hears you loud and clear.


  • Messaging
  • Tone + Voice
  • Brand Name
  • Tagline
  • Value Proposition
  • Logo + Identity